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Kashflow was created and is managed by Bryan, a financial advisor, digital freelancer for 12 years, licensed real estate advisor, and law student.

He writes what he’s learned from years of experience about money, work, and worldviews.

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Sun Maxilink 100

Sun MaxiLink 100

Sun MaxiLink is the latest VUL or investment-linked insurance plan of Sun Life. Its distinct feature is that it can cover you until age 100.

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Sun Fit and Well

Variants, Benefits, Sample Proposal, Coverage and Recommended Sample Life is better when are in our best of health! But no matter how we take good

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Group Life Insurance

What does a group life insurance cover? Death of the employee regardless of cause except suicide during the first year or sometimes the first two

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Settlement and Claims

Cash Value – is the savings element that builds up in permanent insurance plans Cash Surrender Value – the sum of money an insurance company pays to

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Revocable primary beneficiary vs. Irrevocable primary beneficiary vs. Contingent In general, beneficiaries can only receive the policy proceeds if he is alive at the time

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Standard vs. Sub-standard rates

“Substandard rate” – refers to premiums charged to persons who are considered higher-than-average risk categories or applicants with moderate physical impairments. Increased rates. Applicants with

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Traditional Life Insurance

What is Traditional Life Insurance? Policyholders do not have investment options but may savings or guaranteed cash components Premiums, cash values and death benefits are

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Variable Universal Life (VUL)

What is VUL? Also called Variable Universal Life, Variable Unit-Linked, or non-traditional life insurance. VUL is an investment-linked life insurance plan that provides life insurance

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