Sun FlexiLink

Insurance with Investment Sun FlexiLink

Sun FlexiLink is an investment-linked life insurance plan of Sun Life that primarily provides benefits until age 88. The death benefit of this policy is primarily based on your chosen Face Amount plus the Fund Value. Face Amount The minimum face amount is P250,000 (from ages 0 to 54) But for ages 55 above, minimum […]

Sun MaxiLink 100

Sun Maxilink 100

Sun MaxiLink is the latest VUL or investment-linked insurance plan of Sun Life. Its distinct feature is that it can cover you until age 100. (Maxilink Prime and Flexi are until age 88 only) Main Benefits: The minimum death benefit you can get here is P700,000 (natural death) taken from the 200% of the Face […]

Sun Fit and Well

Variants, Benefits, Sample Proposal, Coverage and Recommended Sample Life is better when are in our best of health! But no matter how we take good care of our bodies, there may come a time that unwanted illnesses could come. There’s something you could do today while you’re still healthy. I can help you avail of […]