In this blog, I log ways to pay SunLife policy. I am a Sunlife policy holder and advisor and I always encounter questions on where or how to pay their Sunlife policy. 

If you’re abroad, no problem. Paying SunLife online is easy. 

By BPI Online or App

BPI is a big bank in the Philippines with many branches and robust online system. I like its app and website when it upgraded – it’s fast, secure (performs an SMS confirmation) and intuitive. You can pay using BPI online website or BPI app.


To pay online, go to BPI online website and login. Then go to “Payments/Load” on the left side. Select “Pay from”, “Amount to Pay”,  “Pay to” and determine the “Frequency”. 

Select “Now” in the frequency if you opt to pay once. Select Monthly, Quarterly if you want recurring payments.

Pay Sunlife thru BPI

Registration. If you haven’t registered your SunLife policy yet, see the left side. Go to Other Services > Recipients / Manage Recipients > Add New Recipient > Under recipient, select “Billers” > Under Biller, look for “Sunlife of Canada” > Under Reference Number, enter your policy number. See your Sunlife Policy or Ask for Financial Advisor if you don’t know yet.


You can pay SunLife at the convenience of your handy phone. Just download the latest BPI App for Android or iOS.

Login to your BPI App > Select the Account you wish to pay from > Select Pay Bill > Enter Amount to Pay > Select SunLife with your corresponding Policy Number. Click Next until you receive an SMS code for confirmation.

Pay SunLife using BPI _2
Open the BPI App
Pay SunLife using BPI _2
Select Account > Pay Bill
Enter Amount to Pay > Pay to > Notes


Enroll your policies under “BPI Express Phone”. To pay, dial 89-100 (Telephone) or 02-89-100-0 for mobile phone users. Simply follow the step by step instructions.

Using Credit Card

How to use Mastercard or Visa credi card to can pay your Sun Life policy online? Here’s a digital convenience skill to help you keep your policy stay in force. The process is very simple.

  1. Log-in to your SunLife portal at

2. At the left side, select what policy you are to pay. Look for the “Pay Now” button at the right side.

2. At the left side, select what policy you are to pay. Look for the “Pay Now” button at the right side.

3. A window will pop-up and show the details of charges. You have to check the Terms and Conditions and read the content before you can proceed.

4. Read relevant provisions on the agreement, scroll down to the bottom. Click “Accept”

5. Select whether MasterCard or VISA

6. Enter your Card Details and confirm using the text message sent to your registered phone.

7. Make sure the confirmation pops-up or that SunLife sent you an email of confirmation.

By GCash

Gcash is a leading mobile payments solution in the Philippines. Even if you’re abroad, you can easily use it to enjoy payments of your Sunlife policy and investments.

Download GCash App > Login > Pay Bills > HealthCare > Sun Life of Canada Phils > Enter Amount, Policy Number and Email (to receive the confirmation). Make sure you have cashed into your GCash for sufficient balance.

You can also register to GCash by sending an SMS to 2882 in the following format: REG(4-digit MPIN)/(Mother’s Maiden Name)/(First Name)/(Last Name)/(Address)/(Phone No.)

You can also pay by sending an SMS to 2882 in the following format: BILLPAY<space>(Amount)<space>(MPIN)<space>SUNLIFE-LIFE<space>(Policy Number)

by Walk-in Deposit in Collecting Banks

Fill-out the Bills Collection Slip and accomplish the required information.

Auto-Debit or Auto-Credit Arrangement

If you have a BPI or BDO Account, you can enroll your SunLife policy for Auto-Debit Arrangement.

At your due date, the bank will charge the selected amount from your savings account. Make sure you have sufficient funds by the time of charging.

Download: BPI Auto-Debit Form | BDO Auto-Debit Form

Auto-Credit Arrangement is available for Mastercard and VISA credit cardholders. The payments can be made for both VUL and Traditional Policies.

Download: Visa/Mastercard Auto-Credit Enrolment Form

By Sending A Check

If you’d like to pay through check, use your premium notice which can be found in your online portal. Pay to your Sunlife Policy by sending a check to the address below. 

Premium Notice Sunlife